Monday, February 10, 2014

Real Men Don't Text!.......They Shole Don't

Okay, so that last part was just me throwing in my 2 cent. What an awesome book, by Ruthie and Michael Dean. I was so sad finishing up the last chapter on my Kindle because that meant my time with them came to an end. It was a keep-it-real dating how to book for all ages, especially for us 20somethings trying to keep it together in this crazy, sex infused world. I'm telling yall, put Real Men Don't Text on your to-read list. Get it on your bookshelf, order it on your kindle or
                                                         nook. It's a must read!
     Ladies: It's pretty funny because that's kind of my dating mantra too. If a guy is interested in me, then he will call me, he will make plans to see me. A text is not enough ladies. A text can keep you wondering, waiting, and guessing his true intentions. Make him work for you. A man won't feel that he has won anything valuable if he didn't work for it. And when he does call you or take you out, acknowledge him for that, give him credit where credit is due.
     Gentlemen: Keep it real with a woman that you care about. If you are truly interested in winning her heart, nothing will stop you. Be encouraged and don't fear rejection. Geniunely pursue her. State your intentions at the beginning and make them clear. Don't be weak and cop-out with a text message. Go after her, forreal forreal.
***As this relationship is starting, remember to keep God first.

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