Friday, November 27, 2015

Wait for the Ring

I know it's been a hot second since I've written to yall, sorry out there family bloggers. So I felt the Holy Spirit tug on my heart  to write  tonight. It's a Friday night, and I'm sitting here snuggling up in my warm, cozy queen bed without a king to share it with. And since I don't have a ring on my finger  means Imma be in my bed by myself. Can I keep it real with yall? I didn't say it was easy, convenient, or always fun. But guess what he didn't either. God didn't promise a life without issues hardship, persecution, pain, temptations but he did promise to keep us.

Whoever I'm talking to may it be a young lady who is desiring a mate and considering giving up sex to please him, and to get love. Darling, you are worth the wait. Wait for the ring. Maybe I'm talking to a  more mature lady who feels like she's in the rush to be in a relationship, so she can start having babies, because she feels her ovaries are getting "old and dusty," darling, you too, are worth the wait, wait for the ring. Or maybe there's a guy out there that is pressured by his friends, or by society and trying to get sex, from any girl, but deep inside he knows what his mother has taught him about waiting. My brother, wait, wait for the ring.

Trust me when I tell you, I've thought about it time and time again, but guess what I decided to do, I decided to wait, wait for the ring. Need to be encouraged, go get on Youtube and look up the song, Wait for the Ring, PDub. What an awesome encouragement.

Lord I pray for my sisters and brothers and ask that you would bring them encouragement and strength as they face temptation each and every day. Cover them with your mighty power and strength, in Jesus name. Amen!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Desperate for Jesus and A Good Road Trip

Most people wouldn't consider a drive from Fort Worth to Dallas a road trip. For many people it's their daily commute to work or even bi-weekly commute to church. But for us, my mom and I, it was  good road trip to us. Last Saturday, as we woke up early for my 3rd trip to Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship for DFJC 2015, we woke up with expectancy. I know at least I did. I woke up knowing and believing God was gonna meet me there, not as if he wasn't already with me. But I woke up with an all-knowing that the awesome father and creator was gonna meet me personally.

I woke up feeling burned out. Burned out in life, burned out on to-do lists, on appointments, meetings, bills, people, just plain old tired. And when we got to the conference, I heard some really good speakers, bought some really cool tapes, (oops, I still call em that), and stocked up on some good notes to get me through the week. But the weird thing is Jesus didn't necessarily meet me at the Conference, it was like he was with me during the whole trip. But I felt him the most after dinner at Pappadeaux, after I took a nice long hot shower, and right when I put on my comfy pjs at about 6:30 in the evening.

He met me in my PJ's. He met me in our King bed, the one with not enough pillows. He met me in the Word, in my notebook, under the soft sheets, he met me there. And he never left.

So even right now, as I'm in my smaller queen bed, he still meets me here. No matter where you are in your walk with him, he will meet you there.

Don't be ashamed, no matter where you are he will meet you there.

Let's pray.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I come before you and thank you for my brother or sister who is reading this blog. Let them know they came to the right page, and the right place. Meet them wherever they are at father. No place is too far, no sin is too great, no burden is to heavy for you to bear. Meet them at their place of need, at their place of insecurity, and instability, meet them father, meet them. I thank you for their souls being saved and renewed today. In Jesus name, we thank you and call it done, AMEN!

Stay Tuned for Pic, Look Below!

Friday, May 15, 2015

A Heart for Women

As I sit a part of the body of Christ, an awesome one (I might add) I wonder what I am here for? I don't mean to sound rude, but I'm just straight forward. I know I'm here to get the Word, and to give the Word, and to bring the Word outside of these four walls, but why is it that I am truly here? A few nights ago I was sitting in my colorful queen bed and  was in my prayer time. I couldn't really focus though on my petitions and the requests that I had written down. I kept seeing women. Women from my church. Married women. Single women. Women surviving without their needs being met. Women raising their sons and daughters and doing so alone. Women, married women especially, coming to church without their spouses but wearing a brave face implicating "I got this." But really thinking "I need help." Women serving in the ministry and making it to church early and leaving church late. Women who participate in Wednesday night services and who have their kids participating too. All types of women. Black women, white women, tall women short women, skinny women, plump women, all types of women.

 So, of course I take this to God. I tell him about their dilemma, and of course he knows. And the coolest thing happened, he showed me what I am here for, at least one of the reasons. I am here, to carry this burden and to pray and stand in the gaps for these women. No woman should have to do this life on her own, it's too hard for that. So I, Kristian Green, I stand in the gaps for you my sister, and for you too and of course you too! Drop me a line or the blog or email me @, and I would love to keep praying for you in this season of doing life together!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Curly Hairstyles

Did I tell yall, that about a month ago I chopped all of my hair, well, not all; but most of it, 9 inches. I went to my hair stylist, and I told her, "Girl, I need a change, just chop as much as you can." She kinda looked a little crazy at me, but she did it. Let me know if yall like it, I loooove it! It's so easy to wash and condition! I shoulda done this years ago......Oh wait, I did, then I grew it out again.....LOL

                Diva in Christ
And here, I was getting a free car wash, for Favor! :) We both fly!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy 2015...The Best is Yet to Come

Hi Family Bloggers!

Happy New Year, 2015 is our Year! Let's bring this new year in with some prayer: "Father God we come before you in Jesus name, thanking you for another great year that we left behind, and for an even greater year ahead. Your word says that I latter days are far better than our former days. So right now, we come and decree 2015 is blessed!  We decree the blessings in Deuteronomy 28, and will live to please you in all our ways. We love you Lord, and I plead the blood of Jesus over every person that is reading this right now, in Jesus name, Amen!"

As we bring in the New Year, let's dwell back over all the things we are thankful for, I will start.
- Thankful for My Parents and My Brother
-Thankful for Favor, my beautiful Honda
-Thankful for Louie, my puppy, "the family puppy"
-Thankful for a job
-Thankful for my own room, even though it's tiny
-Thankful I know how to drive
-Thankful for having all 5 senses
-Thankful that I have finally found a church
-Thankful for all my friends and family in my life
-Thankful for a Bachelor Degree
-Thankful for the break thorough that is coming!!!!!!!!

And the list goes on! "Lord I come before you in Jesus name and I am thankful to every reader that reads this blog, and even visits this blog. I pray a special hedge of protection over them from the top of their head to the soles of their feet. I am thankful for them, and many other things. I praise you, for we are fearfully and wonderfully made."