Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just a Little Nugget of Philippians

Philippians. Paul. Prison. Passion. Purpose. Can you say that three times fast?...........I tried and couldn't, see if you can.  Yesterday I started a study on the book of Philippians. I'm learning that Paul's entire purpose for being in prison was to defend the gospel. (Phil 1: 16)  In Prison to defend the gospel, to defend the Lord, to defend the name of Jesus. That's powerful. Being in chains helped Paul be able to speak God's word more courageously and fearlessly. I can't imagine physically being in chains. But I've been spiritually in chains, spiritually struggling in bondage, in pain, in warfare, but to know it's all for the glory of God makes it all worth it for me.

But honestly I don't always feel that way. Sometimes I don't wanna think about the Apostle Paul or all he struggled and endured because then it makes my struggle seem that much smaller. Sometimes I don't want to think that Paul had it harder than me. Paul was beaten, persecuted, hungry, thirsty, tired, weak, in prisoned, in chained, and he remained single forever. WOW! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. BUT GOD! He knew me before he formed me, before I was in my  mother's womb, he predestined me. He knew every struggle, every pain, every rejection, every hurt, he knew me and accepted me and loved me and saved me. He knew me just like he knew Paul. And he still knows me, he hasn't forgotten about me. Nor has he forgotten about you. Every struggle that we go thru is all part of the process to get us in position for placement.  Whomever that's reading this, it's for you too. SO take it, grab it, and receive it in your spirit man. Maybe you're going through some deep spiritual warfare, maybe you are hurting because the lost of a loved one, maybe you're out of a job, or don't know your purpose, or can't have a child..... and you feel like God has left you, he hasn't. He's there in the midst of that mess. Just hold on. Don't give up, keep on keeping on. So whatever struggle you are in, keep on keeping on with God's grace! You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength!!! (Phil 4:13)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why God, Why? When God, When?????

Following God doesn't always have to make sense. In fact, it usually doesn't. Many times God gives us a vague Word, but then he takes us all the way back to Step 1 to process us in that Word.  It's almost like we're on Step 5 and we think we are on our way. But we have done all the "work" in ourselves, and we think we are accomplishing something. But truly, we're not.  Maybe it's a job God gave you working with at a daycare and you're called to be an accountant. And all you count all day is how many goldfish each child gets at snack time. It's hard to crunch some numbers out of that. Or Maybe he has you working as a janitor of a school but you're called to be a Principal. Whatever it is he has you in, remember HE put you there. Don't try to move. Don't super-spiritualize it. And most importantly don't leave until he releases you.

 It may not make any sense, it may seem disconnected but it's for a purpose. Let's think about David in 1 Samuel 16.  Here's a quick synopsis. Samuel comes to anoint the next king, from the house of Jesse. Jesse had 8 sons, David being the youngest. Samuel put the horn of oil over each sons' head, but the oil would not flow. Samuel asked Jesse if he had any other sons.  Here good ole, pretty boy David was stuck in the fields shoveling sheep dump while this party was going on. He was missing in all the fun. But GOD! But God had David there at the right place and the right time.  David didn't try to leave his job, or his assignment or the place that God put him. David stayed put. When David came in the Lord told Samuel to place the horn over his head and to anoint David as king. The oil flowed, and David was anointed as King. See, just like you and me, in our jobs, in our church's, or in our community's, God placed us there. And even though like David, our job may seem menial or disconnected, it's all connected. And it's all to get us to the next level in him. So instead of trying to please our self, let's work on just pleasing him. Let's also stay put wherever God placed us. So in making vows, I vow to stay put in the things and the places where God has me and I vow not to move until he says move.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Vow to Pray

My heart cries out as I look at this generation of kids, teens, and young people. I think to myself, "When did it get so bad? What was the cause of it? And more importantly, what can we, as young people do to help other young people, teens, and children?" I did my first "daily walk" of the New Year. I told yall I would be taking walks and not naps. :) As I walked through my neighborhood with my I-pod on playing some Mary Mary song, I thought about all these questions. I thought about how much needs to change. I thought, would I wanna raise my own kids in a neighborhood like this? A town like this? Or even a world like this? Each answer to my question was "No." I thought long and hard, hard and long of what would my plan of action be when I get my own family? What will I do differently? What will I do to raise a different standard for my family, to make sure my kids get what they need and some of what they want?

 Speaking of families so many families even in my own neighborhood are unchurched and most importantly unsaved. Adults don't follow traffic laws, and so their kids don't follow school rules. It's a curse. A generational curse, from one form of disobedience to another. Mommy doesn't listen, so I don't have to listen. It's what people are depositing in their kids. It makes me saddedned. BUT what can I do? How can I make a change that will be effective? Where do I turn to with this?

After thinking and thinking, and more thinking, guess what.? I came to the same solution that we need  in many circumstances, to  PRAY. I pray. I pray hard, I pray for the kids and teens and young people..  So this is my vow to my own community. I vow to pray. I vow to pray for the  schools, and families, and  for the individuals who are lost out there. I vow to pray to be used by God in my own community, outside of the four walls of the church and into places where Jesus isn't allowed. I vow to let my light shine in the classrooms, libraries, hallways, even in stores.
Wherever I shop, wherever I play,
wherever I worship, and wherever I stay,
I vow to make a difference in whatever way!
*What will you vow to pray?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year! Happy 2013!

Many people have already posted their New Year Post, their New Years Resolutions, their New Years Wish list from God. "Not "I said the Diva. I told God all I want in this year is more of him. Instead of getting caught all up in the hype of, "this is the year of....", I'm caught all up in Jesus. He is Alpha and Omega, He is the Beginning and the End. I hope this doesn't sound to "churchy" to you but I'm just keeping it real. See, I'm at a place of transition. Transitioning from one place to another. Transitioning from one job to two jobs. Transitioning from taking naps to taking walks. (Winter time makes me just wanna take naps, and do things indoors). Being a healthier me :) Transitioning to doing more with our Greeter Ministry/Greeter Newsletter at church. Transitioning to an even deeper prayer life. Transitioning to hearing more clearly from God.   All I can really say is I am at a great place thus far in 2013. I am wishing you a Happy 2013 too! Make the best of it! You lived to see another year!

Something I've learned from 2012 is that to never set a time limit on God. He can do what, when, and how he wants to do it. I've learned not to give him dates, deadlines or time constraints. Because God is God. Even though he is always on time, he doesn't work on our sense of time. The Word tells us that  "......With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you...... 2 Peter 3:8-9. This was and still is a vital lesson for me, and to so many others too. Hope I'm helping yall out, setting someone free. So no matter what it is you are waiting on from God, keep waiting, it's coming. No matter what, may it be a mate, a child, a job, passing a certain test, a house, or even healing for yourself or your loved one, keep waiting. Keep the faith, Keep Believing. God is there and he is listening to your every need, every plea, every request, every heart cry; He is answering too. Just in a different sense of time.

Be Encouraged!