Monday, May 23, 2016

It's Hard for A Single Lady Out Here!

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Man, it's hard for a single lady out here. I'm so tired of carrying groceries up the stairs, taking my car to get an oil change and wash, lugging laundry up and down the stairs, in and out of the laundry room. And did I mention who can carry a case of water up the stairs or several gallons of water. Who does that, I mean really? Hey blog family, sorry for just jumping head first in and going in, I just needed to vent! Whew!!! Lawd, help a single sista out here!

Can I get a witness? Anyone out there feel my pain, anyone out there in that same place. Anyone out there come from a strong mama like mine, where you saw your mama do everything, cook, clean, wash, take care of the kids, the house, work and still look flawless? Well guess what I had and still have one of  'em. One thing I remember is I saw her do it all. And I think somewhere in the back of my mind, I think I can do it all. We all think about that song by Chaka Khan, "I'm Every Woman". And guess what, we're not every woman. We are the one woman that God has made us ands that he created us to be. We all have different gifts, talents and abilities, just like we all have different weaknesses, we have to recognize in us, that we are NOT every woman! Until we accept that, we are all gonna be running around like a chicken with her head chopped off running in circles. So,  maybe as a single woman you have a different struggle, maybe you are in a different place? Share your struggle below. And whatever your struggle is be encouraged and know that God is in the midst and he is strengthening you in your struggle, and me too. Thank ya Lawd!


Lawd, we ask that as women, especially as single women that you would help us in many ways. We need your provison, protection, and your security. We also need help. Help in practical ways such as carrying groceries up the stairs, helping out with laundry, and helping out with things dealing with our cars. We are faithful to your word and know that you tell us that we are someone's helpmeet. And until we become their helpmeet, we need you to be our help meet in Jesus name. Amen!

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