Monday, February 18, 2013

A Move in the Spirit

Today I woke up, feeling a little nervous. It was time to make the call, to my Pastor's wife. It was time to tell her that my time was up, at our church I mean. The Lord spoke to me last night wayyyyy before I even got in prayer time. I knew it was coming, I tried to avoid him, but even though I tried, there was no getting away from him. There was his voice, as calm as a sleeping baby, yet as loud as a roaring lion. After all the things I prayed for, and cried for and fasted for, and prayed even more, I was getting an answer. I've been feeling for some time, something is not right. I need a move or a shift in the Spirit. I felt stagnant, I felt trapped, I felt stuck. Stuck, not hearing God's voice, Trapped in a rut, and Stagnant not growing or reaching or climbing any higher. But this was it, last nite, then it moved to today. And so the next best thing was to make that call, so guess what I did? I called. And talked. And loved. And explained. And it was done. And I felt peace, a peace that the world couldn't give me. A peace only God could give me. And so as soon as I did it, I went to God, and closed my eyes and he spoke, and he told me some stuff, and he spoke again. And I got that peace, the peace that only he can give.

So the last time I told yall, don't move until God says it's time, I was really talking to and trying to convince myself. But I obeyed and I didn't move. And then he did it. He made the move for me to make. So.....whatever you feel stuck in, or stagnant in, or trapped in, stay there. It's for a purpose. It might not be for you, maybe it's for somebody else. Maybe it's for you to minister to them, to teach them, or to love them. Stay there. no matter where "there" might be. Stay. Don't move. He will do a thang, if you let him. Stay, don't move, it's not time, just wait. He will show you in due season. Then you will experience "A Move in the Spirit".

I love yall!

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