Thursday, March 28, 2013

Church Search, Search No More

"Go back" he said, "Go back". As I heard those words on Wednesday night, I knew what he meant. Go back to my last church, my church home, my church family, my pastors, my familiar. But it hadn't been familiar to me for the last five Sundays. How would I just walk back in? Would I feel like a visitor? As these questions were in my head, I knew what was in my spirit. God told me to do something and I was gonna be fully obedient. So I made it official, I told my mom I told my Pastor's wife, I told the people that were impt to me, and that's why I'm telling you. I know it may not make sense for God to tell me to leave for a while, then to call me back but he's God, he doesn't have to "make sense".  So stop trying to make sense out of what God is doing in your life, Just go with it and Go with him. He's God, you are not. That's a hard lesson, that I'm still learning. So: Continue to trust him. Don't waver. Be patient. Be vigilant. Be prayerful. Be his......

Love You
"Peace In" 


  1. Amen sis...what a Word. Haven't forgotten about you!

  2. Hey sis! Thanks for the affirmation.....Def need that from you :) Love you!