Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Notebook

Southwest Believers Convention 2013....So this year I was ready. I saved money for it. I bought snacks for it. I packed lunch for it. I even had a new cute Turquoise Bag to carry my bible, notebook and all my supplies I needed. I had planned for it to say the least. I was ready, really ready. A friend and I went together, we went last year together, and I barely knew her then. But now this year, I knew her, I knew her current situation, I knew what she was up against. I knew the things of her heart, and she knew the things of mine. We went out there early Monday morning, another friend followed us there, it was her first year too, and I knew she was gonna love it. We found good seats, sat down and received from the Men of God, and really enjoyed ourselves. That Monday was a good day! A tiring day, but a good one. We decided to leave our notebooks on our seats over night, like most people do, so we could keep our seats. There was only one problem with that, we discovered that Tuesday. Our notebooks were stolen. Our seats were stolen. And I felt completely horrified. No it's not JUST a seat, or not JUST a notebook. That seat was a hard earned seat for that convention, you have to be there to know what I mean. And that notebook, had all of the good notes I took from the day before, plus all of last year's convention in that one notebook. How could they, steal, from us as Christians, at a Christian Convention. What is the world coming too? Then to top it off, we had horrible seats, on the floor right behind where the crew was recording, so we couldn't see anything. Not only we couldn't see, but al the greeters/ushers kept walking up and down the aisle we were in and moving people, talking loudly, and just plain ole getting on my nerves. Mad wasn't even the word to describe it, it was more like outrage. So when we left that day, we went check lost and found and they said they had not received any notebooks. Oooh I thought that ole devil, he is a liar from the pits of hell. He will not win.

 Now, I don't know how God did this, but somehow through all of the caious of the day, I still received from the Man of God preaching. It was none other but Bill Winston. He said something that kinda stuck with me. He said "You've gotta see it, before you see it. Seeing is believing". So right there in that service I saw it. Saw what. My red spiral notebook and my friends cute little notebook. I saw us holding them in our hand studying the notes and going back over information. I "saw it" before "I saw it."  Then I prayed with my friend in agreement, I said "God I pray right now for that person who stole our notebooks. I pray that you would use that information and revelation to open up their eyes to know you and to see you. I pray that their hearts are convicted for stealing and that you allow them to give those notebooks back to us, in Jesus name. I decree all that was stolen was returned to me 100 fold. In Jesus name we pray, Amen" So Thursday came and we went straight to that lost and found table as soon as the session was over and I asked boldly, "Mam did someone turn in our notebooks today" And before she could even say yes, she pulled out my red spiral, then my friends cute little journal, and I shouted really loudly "Praise God." See God cared about what we cared about. No matter how big or small, God says "Cast your cares on me, for I care for you." Be encouraged, God cares about ALL the things in your life too.

****Just a little lagniappe, (that means extra for you non-new-orleaneans) Did I mention that the same time our notebooks were stolen, God replaced them with two brand new free notebooks from a ministry at the convention. Talk about that Elijah, double portion blessing.

With Love~

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