Saturday, August 24, 2013


So, did any of y'all know that I'm 26 now......Well you would have, if you asked, lol. I'm still getting used to the whole 26. I told my friend/sister in Christ Janelle, who's 26 too, "Girl we are in a whole new bracket." Y'all know what I mean. Just today, I was trying to listen to LaCrae's new CD on Overflow and it asked me a few questions. One question asked about my age bracket. And to be honest, it took me a minute for it to register. I said, dang, it's happening already, that age bracket thing. This of course was the option I chose:
{ } 18-25
{x} 26-35

Why does it matter? Technically it doesn't, because everyone gets older. But 26 seems much closer to 30, than it did at 25. I'm coming to a point, I promise, just give me a minute. See, society puts so much pressure on people today. Even in our Christian circles, we face pressure. We have "The List", the things to get done before we're 30. The things we are "supposed" to have accomplished by now. Let's see society says, "We" should have graduated college with our Bachelors and Masters by now working in an Entry- Level Position, Have Gotten Two Promotions with two Raises, Bought a House, Got Engaged and Planning for the Big Day. That's society for you. BUT, here comes that big ole' BUT, the saving grace of BUT. But God! God has us on our own timetable. He knows our end from our beginning. He knows the things we can handle and when and what age we can handle them. God is faithful, totally faithful. He's faithful to us to fulfill our promises, even if we feel like it's taking a loooong time. It's really not, he's just preparing us for where he wants us, and what he want to do with us. And he's faithful and just to do it, if you just believe him for it. How do I know? Because I just went through it. Let me explain.

I graduated from college 3 months before I turned 22, (I was still 21) and moved to TX the same day I graduated. I had worked hard for four years to earn my Bachelor of Social Work. And I was real proud of myself, graduating on time, under 22, and Cum Lade. See here's where "the list" popped in. And I just knew that I was gonna get a Social Worker's entry level position. I was so excited to be moving to Texas, new place, new opportunities. But when I tell you nothing happened that I planned, my list deleted itself out of my mind, notebook, and off of my computer. When I moved here, I was attacked with every and anything that came against me from sickness to lack, to a place of the unknown. Nothing happened the way I planned it, and when I say nothing, I mean nothing. I didn't understand it, I was the one who followed directions, I dotted an my i's and crossed all my t's. I did what was right in God's sight, and was (and still are) actively following him. I felt hurt and mad and ashamed all at the same time. I was mad at God for taking over and in my eyes "not doing anything". But boy, was I wrong, God was actively working in providence, working behind the scenes for my own good. Now, I could tell yall all the pain, agony, sadness, brokenness, and all the other stuff that I went through, but I don't want to scare yall newcomers away. Let me just say this, when you say the prayer of salvation, and say these words: "God, I accept you as my Lord and Savior and I make you Lord over my life," Know what you are getting yourself into. It's a journey, that only you can do with Christ. Let him do it with you because without him, you can't do anything. The one piece of advice I will give is "Yield to the Holy Spirit". Whatever is going on in your life, may it be uncertainity, or the need of a job, or mate, or sickness in your body, or struggling in your marriage, YIELD. God can do it and he will do it, and trust me, even in those silent times when it seems like he's not "doing it" that's when he's moving the most. Be encouraged, and I will be back soon to give yall part 2. Love Yall!

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  1. This is so real, sis. I am so here, you know that though. I am looking for CNA jobs and I feel like "Dang, if I had known what I wanted to do 3 or 4 years ago, I wouldn't be in this mess." It feels yucky. I am applying to jobs and nothing seems to be turning up. I actually know a guy who is a believer, and he's been looking for work for the last 5 months since he was laid my situation is not SO hopeless :). I will keep applying for jobs though, and we will both continue to trust that GOD will bring what we need in HIS time and in HIS way. :) <3