Monday, November 18, 2013

Long Time, No Post.......

Hey Blog Family!
A New Pic of Me: Short Hair. Don't Care

Did yall forget about lil ole me. Wait a minute, I ain't old, I'm 26 and I'm proud!!! I remember the last time we talked I told yall I was 26 and struggling with it, but now I'm 26 and proud of who I am and proud to shout my age, I'm 2666666666666666666666666666!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyy Me!

 Anywho- I told yall I was gonna write back about Yielding, and guess what I still haven't. Sorry. I just wanted to check in with yall, and tell yall a little about what's going on with me. I interviewed all summer long with the anticipated wait of a full-time job, my first full-time job since I graduated college, technically my first full-time job ever, come to think of it. I went on 6 interviews, got 5 no's and 1 yes! And Praise God it was at the school that I was already working for  three years. I thought my time was over for middle schoolers, but I guess God thought something else. The salary was nothing like I expected, in fact it was actually an insult for someone with a degree. BUT boy isn't that humbling. I work with two of the best ladies a girl could ask to work with. Our team is awesome, and we are all Christians and work well together. What a blessing huh!

Also, let's see what else is new, oh yeah, I chopped my hair off, lost 10 lbs. and counting, started wearing really cute leggings, and I take my Social Work Test on December 3. And if that's not enough for you, I'm still waiting, waiting on my husband, waiting on God, patiently knowing he is behind the scenes perfecting this man for me. And did I mention, I loooove dancing now, well technically only at the gym, but that's a start. I love dancing in the mirror at the gym with some weights and a real good song, like "God in Me" or "Before I Let Go" by Maze, going old school for yall.

I'm loving life, even when it's hard, and scary, and I don't know what's next, it's still a adventure, and I'm thankful to be living it. So.....What's new with yall??? Met any new friends, started dating someone? What's going on? Hit me back. Love, Peace and Prosperity Allllll Around!


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