Friday, May 15, 2015

A Heart for Women

As I sit a part of the body of Christ, an awesome one (I might add) I wonder what I am here for? I don't mean to sound rude, but I'm just straight forward. I know I'm here to get the Word, and to give the Word, and to bring the Word outside of these four walls, but why is it that I am truly here? A few nights ago I was sitting in my colorful queen bed and  was in my prayer time. I couldn't really focus though on my petitions and the requests that I had written down. I kept seeing women. Women from my church. Married women. Single women. Women surviving without their needs being met. Women raising their sons and daughters and doing so alone. Women, married women especially, coming to church without their spouses but wearing a brave face implicating "I got this." But really thinking "I need help." Women serving in the ministry and making it to church early and leaving church late. Women who participate in Wednesday night services and who have their kids participating too. All types of women. Black women, white women, tall women short women, skinny women, plump women, all types of women.

 So, of course I take this to God. I tell him about their dilemma, and of course he knows. And the coolest thing happened, he showed me what I am here for, at least one of the reasons. I am here, to carry this burden and to pray and stand in the gaps for these women. No woman should have to do this life on her own, it's too hard for that. So I, Kristian Green, I stand in the gaps for you my sister, and for you too and of course you too! Drop me a line or the blog or email me @, and I would love to keep praying for you in this season of doing life together!

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