Saturday, August 1, 2015

Desperate for Jesus and A Good Road Trip

Most people wouldn't consider a drive from Fort Worth to Dallas a road trip. For many people it's their daily commute to work or even bi-weekly commute to church. But for us, my mom and I, it was  good road trip to us. Last Saturday, as we woke up early for my 3rd trip to Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship for DFJC 2015, we woke up with expectancy. I know at least I did. I woke up knowing and believing God was gonna meet me there, not as if he wasn't already with me. But I woke up with an all-knowing that the awesome father and creator was gonna meet me personally.

I woke up feeling burned out. Burned out in life, burned out on to-do lists, on appointments, meetings, bills, people, just plain old tired. And when we got to the conference, I heard some really good speakers, bought some really cool tapes, (oops, I still call em that), and stocked up on some good notes to get me through the week. But the weird thing is Jesus didn't necessarily meet me at the Conference, it was like he was with me during the whole trip. But I felt him the most after dinner at Pappadeaux, after I took a nice long hot shower, and right when I put on my comfy pjs at about 6:30 in the evening.

He met me in my PJ's. He met me in our King bed, the one with not enough pillows. He met me in the Word, in my notebook, under the soft sheets, he met me there. And he never left.

So even right now, as I'm in my smaller queen bed, he still meets me here. No matter where you are in your walk with him, he will meet you there.

Don't be ashamed, no matter where you are he will meet you there.

Let's pray.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I come before you and thank you for my brother or sister who is reading this blog. Let them know they came to the right page, and the right place. Meet them wherever they are at father. No place is too far, no sin is too great, no burden is to heavy for you to bear. Meet them at their place of need, at their place of insecurity, and instability, meet them father, meet them. I thank you for their souls being saved and renewed today. In Jesus name, we thank you and call it done, AMEN!

Stay Tuned for Pic, Look Below!

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