Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Vow to Pray

My heart cries out as I look at this generation of kids, teens, and young people. I think to myself, "When did it get so bad? What was the cause of it? And more importantly, what can we, as young people do to help other young people, teens, and children?" I did my first "daily walk" of the New Year. I told yall I would be taking walks and not naps. :) As I walked through my neighborhood with my I-pod on playing some Mary Mary song, I thought about all these questions. I thought about how much needs to change. I thought, would I wanna raise my own kids in a neighborhood like this? A town like this? Or even a world like this? Each answer to my question was "No." I thought long and hard, hard and long of what would my plan of action be when I get my own family? What will I do differently? What will I do to raise a different standard for my family, to make sure my kids get what they need and some of what they want?

 Speaking of families so many families even in my own neighborhood are unchurched and most importantly unsaved. Adults don't follow traffic laws, and so their kids don't follow school rules. It's a curse. A generational curse, from one form of disobedience to another. Mommy doesn't listen, so I don't have to listen. It's what people are depositing in their kids. It makes me saddedned. BUT what can I do? How can I make a change that will be effective? Where do I turn to with this?

After thinking and thinking, and more thinking, guess what.? I came to the same solution that we need  in many circumstances, to  PRAY. I pray. I pray hard, I pray for the kids and teens and young people..  So this is my vow to my own community. I vow to pray. I vow to pray for the  schools, and families, and  for the individuals who are lost out there. I vow to pray to be used by God in my own community, outside of the four walls of the church and into places where Jesus isn't allowed. I vow to let my light shine in the classrooms, libraries, hallways, even in stores.
Wherever I shop, wherever I play,
wherever I worship, and wherever I stay,
I vow to make a difference in whatever way!
*What will you vow to pray?

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