Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just a Little Nugget of Philippians

Philippians. Paul. Prison. Passion. Purpose. Can you say that three times fast?...........I tried and couldn't, see if you can.  Yesterday I started a study on the book of Philippians. I'm learning that Paul's entire purpose for being in prison was to defend the gospel. (Phil 1: 16)  In Prison to defend the gospel, to defend the Lord, to defend the name of Jesus. That's powerful. Being in chains helped Paul be able to speak God's word more courageously and fearlessly. I can't imagine physically being in chains. But I've been spiritually in chains, spiritually struggling in bondage, in pain, in warfare, but to know it's all for the glory of God makes it all worth it for me.

But honestly I don't always feel that way. Sometimes I don't wanna think about the Apostle Paul or all he struggled and endured because then it makes my struggle seem that much smaller. Sometimes I don't want to think that Paul had it harder than me. Paul was beaten, persecuted, hungry, thirsty, tired, weak, in prisoned, in chained, and he remained single forever. WOW! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. BUT GOD! He knew me before he formed me, before I was in my  mother's womb, he predestined me. He knew every struggle, every pain, every rejection, every hurt, he knew me and accepted me and loved me and saved me. He knew me just like he knew Paul. And he still knows me, he hasn't forgotten about me. Nor has he forgotten about you. Every struggle that we go thru is all part of the process to get us in position for placement.  Whomever that's reading this, it's for you too. SO take it, grab it, and receive it in your spirit man. Maybe you're going through some deep spiritual warfare, maybe you are hurting because the lost of a loved one, maybe you're out of a job, or don't know your purpose, or can't have a child..... and you feel like God has left you, he hasn't. He's there in the midst of that mess. Just hold on. Don't give up, keep on keeping on. So whatever struggle you are in, keep on keeping on with God's grace! You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength!!! (Phil 4:13)

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  1. Sis...that's where I am right now. I've always been so "privileged" in the things of God, got so many chances, never did anything "bad" that others could see. God's grace always protected me (of course He protects us all). God had to chastise me of course, but it wasn't that outward chastisement that people could see. I don't like it when you and others tell me that my problems aren't that bad...I want bad issues, I want attention. It makes me feel so uncomfortable when i have to face the fact that I really don't have a bad life. Like you, I don't want to know that Paul had it harder than I do. I am not being imprisoned, beaten or anything like that. Far from it. I think I've spent way too much time by myself, because I don't think my doo-doo stinks...self-righteous, selfish and proud are a few words that describe me right now. I know that God wants and needs more, but I THINK that I am so privileged, I think God will still give me what I need. I'm sitting here blabbing about my issues... I am acting weak and helpless when I could use my strength in God. This is good Kristian. Keep on writing.