Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why God, Why? When God, When?????

Following God doesn't always have to make sense. In fact, it usually doesn't. Many times God gives us a vague Word, but then he takes us all the way back to Step 1 to process us in that Word.  It's almost like we're on Step 5 and we think we are on our way. But we have done all the "work" in ourselves, and we think we are accomplishing something. But truly, we're not.  Maybe it's a job God gave you working with at a daycare and you're called to be an accountant. And all you count all day is how many goldfish each child gets at snack time. It's hard to crunch some numbers out of that. Or Maybe he has you working as a janitor of a school but you're called to be a Principal. Whatever it is he has you in, remember HE put you there. Don't try to move. Don't super-spiritualize it. And most importantly don't leave until he releases you.

 It may not make any sense, it may seem disconnected but it's for a purpose. Let's think about David in 1 Samuel 16.  Here's a quick synopsis. Samuel comes to anoint the next king, from the house of Jesse. Jesse had 8 sons, David being the youngest. Samuel put the horn of oil over each sons' head, but the oil would not flow. Samuel asked Jesse if he had any other sons.  Here good ole, pretty boy David was stuck in the fields shoveling sheep dump while this party was going on. He was missing in all the fun. But GOD! But God had David there at the right place and the right time.  David didn't try to leave his job, or his assignment or the place that God put him. David stayed put. When David came in the Lord told Samuel to place the horn over his head and to anoint David as king. The oil flowed, and David was anointed as King. See, just like you and me, in our jobs, in our church's, or in our community's, God placed us there. And even though like David, our job may seem menial or disconnected, it's all connected. And it's all to get us to the next level in him. So instead of trying to please our self, let's work on just pleasing him. Let's also stay put wherever God placed us. So in making vows, I vow to stay put in the things and the places where God has me and I vow not to move until he says move.

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